What happened to Carp in the bathtub?

Back in the 1940s, most families kept their live fish in the tub until they were ready to grind it – bones and all – into gefilte. In 1949, Shea Freund opened Freund’s Fish — and changed the way Boro Park prepared fish, forever.

Freund’s Fish became a powerful force in the burgeoning kosher food industry. Freund’s offered customers the things they want most — a spotless store, excellent service, and always, the absolutely freshest, highest quality fish. Oh, and one more thing, the personal touch.

Shea Freund and his son Moshe Aryeh made sure that each order, no matter how large or small, was prepared perfectly and delivered promptly. Freund’s became part of every Shabbos, of every special occasion. Brooklyn was hooked. Because Freund’s was more than a store. It was family.

Today Freund’s is still a family business. We’re still slicing fish with care at our flagship store on Fifteenth Avenue in Boro Park —And today you’ll find the most upscale Freund’s products wherever kosher food is sold.



“We only buy Freund’s,” the customers said. So Freund’s made it easier. We rolled out the rolls, selling frozen gefilte fish first in the flagship store, and then, under the direction of Shea’s grandson Tzvi, in kosher groceries everywhere.

Today you can find Freund’s frozen gefilte fish nearly everywhere. And though Freund’s produces thousands of rolls each week, we take pride in making every roll the same way we made our first one — using the freshest ingredients (no chemicals ever!), the finest fish and the original home-style recipe.

then came sushi

It was a revolution. The Japanese rice-wrapped morsel of fish that took over the kosher world by storm. Again Freund’s was one of the first. Freund’s Sushi and Grill has been serving the finest sushi since 2006. Sushi Maven products, produced by Freund’s, have become the kosher world’s source for sushi products such as nori, wasabi, miso, and more.


As the kosher food industry grows more sophisticated, a demand for high-quality products is growing. Consumers want more. More variety. More options.

Our new frozen fillet line includes Tilapia, Kani, Flounder and Pollack. And our seasoned, breaded fillets are ready-to-bake, offering today’s busy households a healthy, wholesome dinner that’s quick and easy to prepare. For a complete meal, add Freunds’s Frozen Edamame on the side. These young soybeans are a popular Asian specialty that is delicious and packed with protein.

With Freund’s extensive line of specialty sauces, marinades and seasonings, today’s gourmet chef, home cook and kitchen novice can enjoy outstanding fish.

Freund’s is always ahead of the trend. We’re always fishing for more ways to serve you better. But one thing is certain Freund’s is always: Fish for Compliments.