Breaded Tilapia with Tartar Sauce, Rice Pilaf and Baby Lima Beans

1. Freund’s Breaded Tilapia Fillet (1 per person), from Freund’s Fish Market;
2. Freund’s House Seasoning (1 small jar) – you probably already have this in your pantry;
3. Freund’s Tartar Sauce (1 jar for 4-5 pieces of fish);
4. Freund’s (parve) Garlic Butter – we hope you have this in your refrigerator already;
5. Rice Pilaf from your favorite supermarket ( 1 box per 3 people – usually comes in about a 6 oz. size box), and frozen baby Lima Beans from your favorite supermarket (a 1 pound bag for every 4-6 people);

1. Remove the Breaded Tilapia from the freezer and let defrost for 30 minutes at room temperature before cooking.
2. Take a heavy duty skillet and place over medium-high heat. Pour 1-2 inches of canola or peanut oil into the skillet and heat to approximately 360 Degrees F.
3. While the oil is heating, prepare the Rice Pilaf according to package directions.
4. While the oil continues to heat and the Rice Pilaf cooks, place another skillet atop the stove on high heat and pour 1 ½ cups water and three Tablespoons Freund’s (parve) Garlic Butter and 1 Tablespoon Freund’s House Seasoning into the skillet. Next, pour the entire bag of frozen Baby Lima Beans into the water. Cover and bring to a boil. Once boiling, remove the cover and reduce the heat to medium. Cook until nearly all of the liquid has evaporated, then turn off the heat.
5. Your oil should be ready to use before the Rice Pilaf and Lima Beans are finished cooking.
6. Once your oil is ready, gently place the Tilapia into the oil. Cook for approximately 3 minutes, then gently turn it over and cook an additional 2-4 minutes.
7. Next, remove the cooked fish from the oil and place onto clean paper towels to drain.
8. Now, take a fork and “fluff” the Rice Pilaf. Stir the Lima Beans, taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly.
9. To Plate: Spoon the Rice Pilaf onto the plate, then the Baby Lima Beans. Next, place the fish onto the plate and spoon a dollop of Freund’s Tartar Sauce right on top. Garnish with a sprig of fresh parsley (or sprinkle with a little dried parsley), and a Lemon twist.
Chef Says: “This is a simple and nice presentation; however, if you want to pick it up some, then do this – take a small cup or bowl that’s equal in size to the amount of Rice Pilaf you’re going to put on the plate and put the Rice Pilaf into the cup/bowl. Gently, but firmly, press it into the cup/bowl. Now, invert the cup/bowl onto the plate. Gently lift the cup/bowl from the plate and now you have your Rice Pilaf formed/shaped for plate presentation. Now, take 3 or 4 Craisins and put them onto the Rice Pilaf. For the fish – use 2 small Lemon twists and place one on each end of the fish, with the Tartar Sauce in the middle. Now, put just a touch of Paprika on the Tartar Sauce. This gives a little added elegance to a simple dish that has loads of flavor.”