Mariella Salmon Crepes

Yields: 12 Salmon Crepes

Crepe Recipe:
3 eggs
11/2 cups flour
½ Tbs. salt
11/2 cups soy milk
2 Tbs. oil
Salmon Filling:
1 Tbs. oil
1 med. onion,
finely diced
20 salmon cubes
1 cup Freund’s Mariella sauce

This is an excellent way to serve up salmon for either a fleishig or milchig Shavous seudah. The salmon encased in a crepe tastes wonderful with the flavorful garlic and herbs.

For the Crepes:
Beat all ingredients until smooth. Heat a small amount of oil in a large frying pan. Pour approximately ½ cup of batter into the pan, and maneuver the pan by the handle to spread the patter into a large circle.
Fry until golden; set aside.
For the Filling:
Sauté scallions in oil in a large skillet over a medium flame for 5 minutes or until slightly browned. Add the salmon cubes, and pour mariella evenly over it. Cook for an additional 6 minutes, flipping the cubes over so that all sides cook evenly, until the fish is cooked through and begins to flake.
Place 2 cubes in the center of each crepe, and flake the salmon with a fork. Top with a spoonful of excess sauce from the skillet. Fold the 2 sides in, and roll up the crepe.