Meriella Marinated Fresh Tilapia Fillet With Seasoned Baby Potatoes & Green Salad

Freund’s Meriella Sauce and Marinade
Fresh Tilapia Fillet (1 per person)
Baby Potatoes (6-10 per person, depending on size)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Kosher Salt and Black Pepper.

Preheat your oven to 325° approximately 20 minutes before you place the fish into the oven.
Wash and pat dry the fish
Marinate the fish in a covered container, 1-1/2 hours at room temperature, or overnight in the refrigerator.
After marinating, place the fish, skin side down, in an oven-safe dish, uncovered and bake for 18-25 minutes, depending on the degree of doneness you desire.
For the Potatoes:
Wash the potatoes and place in a pot of cold water, with ¼ cup of kosher salt inside the water for every ½ gallon of water used.
Bring the potatoes to a boil and the reduce to a simmer and cook until tender, but not falling apart.
Once the potatoes have cooked, drain well and toss in a hot skillet with a little EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), salt and pepper to taste.
(Chef suggests using a little fresh meriella in the pan at the end and not even bother with the EVOO and salt and pepper!)
Once everything has finished cooking, simply plate and serve with a fresh green salad.