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Sigmond Brands is a celebration of our family values. From generational relationships to our treasured, unchanging recipes, all our brands stay true to the timeless vision and passion of our founding father, Sigmond (Shia) Freund.

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74 years. 3 brands. 1 family.

Since 1949, we’ve been the most direct link between the docks and your dinner table. Three quarters of a century later, we still get up every morning to do the same thing: Serve you the best food we can source, with every level of customization you can want.

Freund’s Fish

It began with our grandfather working directly with the world’s finest fisheries. We still maintain those same treasured relationships, handpicking the best catch for your next meal—and for our signature ‘forever recipes.’


Yedid Gourmet turns Freund’s fresh fish into a full line of ready takeout, sushi, appetizing, custom platters, and more. Every recipe is crafted of the finest ingredients with single-batch care you’re proud to serve.

Sushi Maven

For those who love the craft of sushi, the joy is in the details. Sushi Maven offers every last item you need to craft your own rolls, nigiri, sashimi, tataki, tartar, and ceviche. It’s the intimae's dream lineup, in one easy catalog.


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